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Cyber Security Awareness Program for Staff

Cyber criminals continuously target your staff, and the cost of an IT security breach can be horrific. Take your staff cyber security awareness campaign to the next level, beginning with a face to face  (onsite or webinar / zoom) workshop that is quick, simple, interactive and fun. Focus on results, not just compliance!


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Most Cyber Security Breaches are Staff Related

Most Cyber Security Breaches are Staff Related

Up to 85% of cyber security breaches are caused by untrained staff. This leads to costs from downtime, recovery, reputation, reporting and lost customers.

IT Security is More than Software and Hardware

IT Security is More than Software and Hardware

Your data is your company, and it's imperative to protect it from all threats. Despite this, most companies fail to train their staff for cyber security awareness.

Turn Your Biggest Target into Your Biggest Asset

Turn Your Biggest Target into Your Biggest Asset

Properly trained staff will massively reduce your cyber security risk, which in turn saves time, money and reputation. Training is simple, fast and cost effective.

Cyber Security Awareness Training is About Results!

trainingYou could put staff through multiple modules of expensive training to cover threat areas in detail, but they'll find it boring and forget most of what was taught. Cyber security is not interesting for most people, so the course must be simple, quick, fun and interactive to maximise engagement and learning retention. Onsite training works incredibly well for cyber security awareness, and that's especially important when you consider that:

shield dot pointUp to 85% of cyber security breaches are caused by staff

shield dot point60% of companies that suffer a major cyber security breach are out of business in 6 months

shield dot pointOn average it takes over 6 months to detect a breach, with significant damage being done in that time

shield dot pointDowntime costs are approximately 3.4 times more than the cost to recover from a cyber security breach

not rocket scienceThe good thing about our training is that it's not rocket science. It's kept simple, with rules for staying safe that hinge upon the basic principles of "Stop, Think, Act". It takes about 2 1/2 hours of training to cover all main threat areas and provide your staff with a fun and interactive course where they will be astounded at how much they didn't know about cyber security! Staff will be able to ask questions and share their stories, and they will be asked questions in a lighthearted session that will keep them 100% interested and learning. If you want to train your staff for cyber security awareness (and you should), then make sure it's going to return the best possible results!

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Face to Face

Face to face gets results! With that in mind, we come to you, or we can run virtual webinar sessions via Zoom or your choice of conferencing software.

Instructor Led

With a relaxed and fun style, our professional instructor will ensure that your staff are fully engaged and interested in what they are being taught.

Short, Sharp, Fun

If you put staff on a boring self guided course, they will struggle to learn and retain knowledge. Our short course is engaging, comprehensive, interactive and fun!

Massive ROI

It's not "if" an IT security breach will happen, but "when" and "how bad". Even a minor breach can have a major cost, and a major breach can be catastrophic!

Some Testimonials


quotes openingI found your presentation to be worthwhile and informative. Whilst I was a little sceptical and thought it may not really be a good use of my time I was wrong. It was extremely worthwhile. I believe all companies should take the time to educate their staff on IT security. It is one of those funny things that you think you know but you don’t realise how vulnerable and easy it is for your system to be compromised. quotes closing
- Sarah T


quotes openingThis insightful course covered all areas including some of which was not thought of by some staff members in their departments. It was beneficial for everyone involved to receive this additional information on how the knock-on effect of being corrupted can affect a Company. Highly recommend to all new and long-standing business’s as the information and training was certainly relevant. quotes closing
- Anthony H


quotes openingThanks so much for taking the staff through your course last week, they took all the points on board and as I pointed out, its already come in handy when one of our tenants’ server was hacked and an email sent to us! Great to do business with you and we will certainly get you back in 12 months for a refresher course. Thanks again.quotes closing
- Frank S


quotes openingAn insight into just how much effort the scammers will put in to get your to offer up your personal information. Great reminder!quotes closing
- Zaydah  L


quotes openingI'm impressed with how much I learnt in the course in such a short time. I now feel much more confident to deal with Internet threats.quotes closing
- Gai O


quotes openingMoney well spent! It's actually quite scary doing this course and realising what IT threats your staff are exposed to day in day out without really knowing how to handle them.quotes closing
- Mark H


quotes openingLearnt new things - now I'm security smart!quotes closing
- Sian B


quotes openingWe'd like to take this opportunity to commend the trainer, Mike, for the professional way he presented himself and the training session today. Our staff all agree they learnt some very useful tips on ensuring safe and effective business and even personal IT security. The training session was in plain English and easy to understand.quotes closing
- Royston J


quotes opening...a well structured course that is really engaging. I learned significantly more than I expected, and I thought I knew a fair bit about IT security on the Internet.quotes closing
- James D



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