About Web Safe Staff

Web Safe Staff was an early entrant into the IT security awareness landscape in Australia, and continues to innovate with content that is simple, highly engaging and effective. We started with face-to-face training, and have remained true to this delivery style given the impressive results it achieves.

The core focus is to produce results for our clients, and that simply means that their staff are not only trained, but that they actually learn and implement what they have learned both at work and at home. This translates directly into a massive reduction in IT security risk, and cost.

Web Safe Staff is now a trusted provider of cyber security awareness programs for any sized business across any industry, in both Australia and New Zealand.

Providing cyber security awareness training since 2016

Trusted resource for Queensland Councils (via Peak Services)

Live training only (onsite, or virtual)

Amazing results, with an immense ROI

About Mike

Mike sits at the core of Web Safe Staff, and is passionate about using staff effectively in the fight against cyber-crime. He's into Dad jokes, being witty and cheeky, and keeping training as fun as possible! He's been in IT / cyber security for a long time so can answer not just the people questions but also many technical questions.

His work is highly regarded, he has presented at the Brisbane cyber security conference (BrisSec) and he's been a finalist for a few prestigious awards:

  • Finalist - 2023, Australian Cyber Security Awards - Professional Services and Consultancy Cyber Security Professional of the Year
  • Finalist - 2020, AISA - Cyber Security Professional of the Year

Mike specialises in producing cyber aware staff who are suspicious, knowledgeable and confident!