Where Did Web Safe Staff Come From?

casual smallHi, I'm Mike Ouwerkerk, and I started Web Safe Staff. It was from my Virtual CIO days that I first noticed a glaringly obvious need for staff cyber security training.

I actually developed my course for an existing client who had recurring computer malware problems, as well as breaches in their cloud services. I ran the course for them, and they were pretty much blown away by how much they didn't know about IT security, when they thought they knew a lot. I also conducted a case study on their company to determine the return on investment, and it was very compelling! The outcome was that their cyber security issues dropped to near zero, except for that one person that didn't attend the course, sigh....

Anyway I then ran the course for a few more clients, got great feedback, refined it, and then decided to formalise Web Safe Staff as an offering in its own right.

I operate this business mostly by myself, because frankly that's all it takes. It also means I can keep my costs low, because I don't really have much in the way of overheads. I do the training myself (yes, I've done professional training before), and I've got a ton of experience in the IT industry from technical to management, consulting, project management and training.

Probably my biggest decision was the method of delivery. There are online offerings, but I've been in IT long enough to know that for most people, IT is pretty boring. That means when you put staff in front of a computer and tell them to learn from a self guided IT course, they're going to switch off real fast. That then means they don't learn, the company continues to incur a hefty IT risk, and ultimately it costs them money. So I decided that I would deliver my training in person, and that works for me because:

  • I love meeting people
  • I love delivering training. There's nothing better than seeing all those lightbulb moments!
  • I can keep people engaged, because I'm sitting there with them, and see if they're not paying attention. That means I'll be asking them questions!
  • I can answer questions as they arise, and discussions can become company specific

 Feel free to ask me any questions about my course, and how I can help your company to massively reduce its IT risk profile.

You can find out more about me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeouwerkerk/



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