Awareness Fundamentals Program

The Web Safe Staff Awareness Fundamentals program goes well beyond one-time cyber security awareness training. While good awareness training makes a big difference to cyber security risk, the real benefits come from ongoing initiatives that constantly build knowledge and suspicion with short, simple, engaging content.

The following tables outline what is included in our Fundamentals package, to truly utilise staff in the fight against cyber criminals. They need to understand their importance, and the personal value of this amazing information. When they fight for themselves, they will fight for you!

Awareness Fundamentals Program: What's Included?

Dedicated Cyber Security Awareness Workshops
Courses dedicated to the client, based upon the following workshops:
• "Baseline": Providing the core knowledge stafff need to stay safe. (1.5 hours)
• "Refresher": Quiz-based, for those that already have good baseline knowledge, and usually run annually. (1.25 hours)
• "Links Masterclass": Gain a deep understanding of how to stay safe from malicious links. (45 minutes)
Catch-all Workshops
These workshops are run monthly, and are shared across clients. They are ideal for new staff, or staff that missed the initial training. They rotate between the "Baseline", "Refresher" and "Links Masterclass" workshops.
Weekly Reminder Videos
Short (typically 1 minute or less) videos that reiterate the key topics discussed in the "Fundamentals" and "Refresher" workshops. Essentially this is to remind staff so they stay knowledeable and suspicious.
Lunch & Learn Sessions
Quarterly 15 -30 minutes live online presentations on various topics of interest to further encourage suspicioun and build knowledge. This will be on topics such as "minimising your digital footprint" and "how to deal with deep fakes" etc.
Monthly Newsletter
A regular communication to discuss topics of interest around staff cyber security, alerts, and emerging threats.
A selection of graphics that can be printed out and displayed in the office, to further encourage specific cyber-safe behaviours.
Email Support
You can email Web Safe Staff for any awareness queries you may have.

Other Training Related Inclusions:

Post Training Handout Notes
A two page summmary of all key ponts discussed in the training. This can be used as a quick reference guide by staff.
Sample 'Cyber Security Awareness Policy for Staff
This is a one-page policy that can be used to formalise responsibilities of staff and management in regards to cyber security awareness.
Potential Action Items Checklist - Corporate
A list of potential company changes for implementation post training.
Potential Action Items Checklist - Home Security
A checklist of action items for staff to implement at home and for their family.
Sample Procedures
Some procedures to formalise appropriate staff actions / responses for specific scams.