Web Safe Staff is Training Queensland Councils

QLD Councils Awareness TrainingWeb Safe Staff is proud to be delivering cyber security awareness training to Queensland Councils as part of an initiative from the Local Government Association of Queensland and Local Buy Pty Ltd, in conjunction with Peak Services.

Global Business Awards / AI-Publishing / Corporate Vision Scam

Incredibly Web Safe Staff has been nominated for yet another global award! Well, of course it's just another scam. Here's how this one played out:

Cybersecurity awareness - The maturity journey

Check out our article written for LexisNexis, about how we can transition through the different phases of awareness maturity, starting with compliance and ending in a cultulral shift.

Link to the PDF is here, and the article is near the end.

Conversations with a Romance Scammer

OK, I'm out - "She" wants to have a voice chat. For the last week or so I've been chatting to a romance scammer. Let's be honest, it isn't a reasonably attractive female behind the keyboard, it's a gross sweaty dude in his undies. So yeah, it's weird chatting on messenger and email and trying to keep that in mind!

How your parents are getting hacked

This podcast was created in collaboration with Phil Howard from Dissecting Popular IT Nerds.

Put this on your invoices

If our email gets hacked, then criminals can send invoices to our clients with their bank account details. So put this on your invoices so that your clients get to understand why we should confirm new or changed payment information.

Podcast with Wyntec

Podcast time! Tom Freer (from Wyntec) and I collaborated for a session on our favourite topic: People winning the war over cyber criminals!

Get this on Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/3iREcCY
Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/36XL7Iv
Download on Anchor: https://bit.ly/3dlwTCM


Cyber Security Professional of the Year 2020 Nomination

aisaWe're proud to announce that Michael Ouwerkerk has been nominated for "Cyber Security Professional of the Year 2020" in the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) Awards.

It's a massive honour to have this nomination in our company, and it reflects our core focus of making cyber security digestible and sensible for everyday people.

Our Article on InnovationAus!

Check out our article published on InnovationAus! We're honoured to have our article accepted here, and it's great to get our thoughts out to the broader community regarding how cyber security awareness is such an important part of business now.


Mythical Cyber Security = Unacceptable Risk

This is a guest blog post for https://demystifycyber.blogspot.com where I share my thoughts on why it's important for people to understand who is targeting us, how, and why, and why we need to spring into action to defend ourselves.


Cyber Security Cultural Change for SMEs

The war with cyber criminal scumbags wages on, and unfortunately the battle is still being lost by the good guys. Luckily we're yet to unleash our greatest arsenal in full. No, it's not AI, it's not tech, it's not process, it's people. People are the biggest target, and people therefore are the greatest asset if they know how to identify and respond to IT scams.

Video Testimonial from ISR Training

In case you're wondering what results look like when it comes to cyber security awareness training, this video should explain it quite nicely. The video testimonial is from a company called ISR Training (https://isrtraining.com.au). These guys featured on the investor TV series "Shark Tank" and gained investment. Just to clarify, this is feedback from professional trainers!


"Human Error" in Cyber Security - It's not what you think!

It's a constant message in cyber security - companies are being breached, and they blame "human error" for about 90% of those breaches. The core question is, where exactly is the human error? Is it the staff member that was tricked, or does responsibility lie somewhere else?

The benefits of cybercrime

Yeah I'm gonna go there. Doom and gloom is all we hear, the global economy is losing trillions, companies are getting hacked everywhere, people are losing their data and their identities, but there's always two sides to every story. I'm yet to see someone have a crack at this, so I figured why not?

So, lets drop the doom and gloom for a bit, and have a peek at the benefits of scumbags stealing our money and information:

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