Thoughts: Should You Have "Smart" Devices In Your Household?

Does your washing machine really need Internet access? Do you really need a Bluetooth connected toothbrush?

Scammer Files: Ridiculous Conversation With A Bot

This is a transcript of a conversation with a bot (computer program) on social media.

Announcement: Cyber Investigator Game

We are now offering a 'cyber investigator game' to extend our gamified training options!

Thoughts: Should We Ban Ransomware Payments?

If you get locked out of your files, should you be able to pay the criminals ransom demands?

Announcement: Links Masterclass Workshop Now Available

We're proud to announce a new workshop, providing detailed knowledge of assessing links.

Thoughts: Why Are Some Scams So Obvious?

Some scams are so ridiculous, and some are clever. Why the difference?

Thoughts: Protecting Yourself From Deepfakes

Criminals can use technology to impersonate. Here's what you can do to stay safe.

Thoughts: How Often Should I Change My Passwords?

Should we change passwords regularly, or not at all?

Thoughts: Building a Cyber Security Culture

What is cyber security culture, and why is it important?

Thoughts: Are Too Many Councils "Sitting Ducks"?

My thoughts after delivering 300 awareness sessions to Queensland councils.

Thoughts: Keeping Kids Safe From AI

Artificial Intelligence is being used to target kids. Here's how you can protect them:

Podcast: Cyber Security Awareness Training That Actually Works

We participated in a podcast with REDD outlining how to make awareness return results.

Webinar: Building a Cyber Resilient Business

We participated in a webinar outlining key cyber security initiatives.

Announcements: New Refresher Training Course

We've backed up our highly regarded baseline training with a refresher course!

Thoughts: Weakest Link

Thoughts: Weakest Link

Weakest link…stupid users…human error. Is this the right mindset?

Announcements: Cyber Security Awards Finalist

We're proud to announce another amazing nomination for Mike Ouwerkerk!

Announcement: Cyber Security Professional of the Year 2020 Finalist

Announcements: Cyber Security Professional Of The Year 2020 Finalist

We're proud to announce an amazing nomination for Mike Ouwerkerk!

Thoughts: People, Processes, Technology

People can be an amazing cyber security asset, but don't solely rely on them.

Scammer Files: The "Silicon Review" Scam

This is an example of a 'fake awards' scam.