Conversations with a Romance Scammer

OK, I'm out - "She" wants to have a voice chat. For the last week or so I've been chatting to a romance scammer. Let's be honest, it isn't a reasonably attractive female behind the keyboard, it's a gross sweaty dude in his undies. So yeah, it's weird chatting on messenger and email and trying to keep that in mind!

Anyway, this is how it progressed (all the while I have a consistent story and keep the chat going):

    • Hi, I saw you on my friends suggestion I'm from "x" and I do "y"
    • How old are you, do you have any pic?
    • She sends me some photos (I send a fake photo back)
    • "I enjoy going near the beach hands to hands in the wood telling my man how much he mean to me and to waves" (she's not a great typist!)
    • She asks if I'm married, kids etc. It's a no from me.
    • "I have been hurt several times and i dont want to be there anymore because it hurt when someone heart is been played with. I just want to be with the right man and start a new life with my man. I have a big heart and i want to give it to the right man."
    • She asks for my email account. I give her a burner gmail account.
    • She starts calling me "hun"
    • "Can we start a serious relationship base on honest and trust ?"
    • Now she starts calling me "babe".

Now we're getting straight into the scam:

      • "Am a good kisser. I can kiss you till you forget your name. Where is the nearest airport to you ?"
      • "I am going to have my flight reservation later this week. I will like to hear your voice if that is okay by you then we talk on the phone".

At which point I'm out. I'm not gonna chat, I'll lose my schnitzel cracking up laughing. Really I've seen enough, and the flow of things was as expected. i.e. Introduce, familiarise, build trust, suggest feelings, build feelings and excitement, and then move to asking for money for a flight. Frankly I'm surprised how fast it progressed though, it wasn't really smooth. I'd guess that "she" has a few scams on the go, and is struggling to keep up the communications. I'd message her straight back, and not hear anything, I also think she's working to a standard script. Might as well be efficient at scamming people. Here's part of the email trail:


Moral of the story?

Well number 1, these people are scum, that's a given.

Number 2, they will prey on the vulnerable, pull at your heart strings, and get you to give them money. They will say whatever it takes to make you feel special, make you feel like they will be your soulmate, and rip you off for every dollar they can get.

Always be suspicious!

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