Global Business Awards / AI-Publishing / Corporate Vision Scam

Incredibly Web Safe Staff has been nominated for yet another global award! Well, of course it's just another scam. Here's how this one played out:

 Congrats, you've been nominated.

  • Please click on these links to submit details about your company (LOL no, I don't want to get hacked).
  • You don't need to provide details as the process will continue, but please click on these links. Still no.
  • Congratulations you won! (OMG, I'm so surprised!!!)
  • You can now pay us money to buy extra things.

I can now choose from a number of packages to help promote my award. Anything from the bronze package (595GBP) to "The Editors Choice" package at a heft 2995 GBP. I wonder why the editor chose that package!

So, another awards scam where you win and they hope you make a purchase.

Nice try "Global Business Awards", or "ai-publishing" or "Corporate Vision" or whoever you are!





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