Why Onsite Instructor Led Training?

While we can deliver webinar style training, we always find it more effective to be onsite at your premises and teach people face to face. There are a number of reasons why we've taken this approach.

Firstly, when you put non IT staff in front of a computer and tell them to do an IT course, they will be disinterested. They will have trouble concentrating, learning, and retaining the information that is being presented to them. But if you put them in a room with an instructor who keeps the content interesting and actively engages wth participants, you will have much better outcomes.

In addition to this, an instructor is easily able to address individual questions, and expand on topics that are of interest. If you're going to pay for your staff to be able to identify IT security risks, you at least want them to remember what they have learnt, and be able to implement it!

Webinar training also makes it challenging for people to ask questions. Microphones must be muted if there are multiple computers, so questions are usually typed - that slows down training progress, and often doesn't convey the question well enough.

Web Safe Staff can conduct staff cyber security training onsite at your Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich or Springfield premises, and can FIFO for large engagements.



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