How to Steal a Car

Weird thing happened today - I worked out how to steal cars. Expensive ones. And you can just get someone to hand you the keys and drive away with it no questions asked. Not that I'm into that sort of thing though.

Disclaimer: Please don't steal cars.

So I took my car into today for a set of new tyres and a wheel alignment. I had to hang around for an hour or so, and finally I saw them drive my car out. The guy who drove my car out started walking back to the reception area, so I went outside to wait. As he walked up I said "All good?" to which he replied "Yep, all good to go", and he proceeded to hand me the keys to what he assumed was my car.

Now of course being aware that this was highly dodgy, I suggested we go back to reception and do the key handover there in front of the person who took them in the first place. So we did that, I formally took the keys, thanked them, and drove MY car away.

Could have been someone else driving my car away. Could have been me driving away with the BMW X5 that came out before my car. Free upgrade - sweet!

Either way, this just reminds me that threats are everywhere, and brazen threats while seemingly crazy can be incredibly easy to undertake. It just takes someone with confidence and assertiveness to appear like they are supposed to be there, and know what's going on.

Think someone walking behind you as you enter your office in a tradesman uniform, and they ask you how to get to Business Services. Suddenly 10 laptops go missing. Yes, it really does happen.

Scumbags are a universal constant. They might be out to steal your data, damage your systems, steal your laptops, or steal your car. Be suspicious, and know what to look for!


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