There's a War Going On

It's a known fact that about 91% of all cyber crime is initiated by email. Essentially this is a war being fought between hackers, and your staff.

How do staff feel about going to war? Heck they don't usually know they're in it! They think that IT has got it covered with their fancy hardware and software - it's not their job to look after IT security right? But actually, it is their job now, or at least it should be. They are at the front line, and they must have the proper skills to wage a successful defense!

Their arsenal needs to be comprehensive - they need to know about things like:

  • macro security
  • dangerous file extensions
  • web page popups
  • email credibility (what adds to it, what takes away from it)
  • phishing
  • brand jacking
  • phone scams
  • reading URLs
  • dealing with shortened URLs
  • reading email address domain names
  • physical IT security principles

But they usually don't know about this stuff, and then they click on things they shouldn't. That's exactly why up to 85% of cyber security breaches are caused by untrained staff.

I deal in this every day, and every day I'm amazed at how little people actually know about the above dot points. That means companies are choosing to accept a major operating risk that could have a catastrophic impact on their business.

I know a lot of companies don't like to spend money. They scrooge every penny, and do without where they can. Some things you can do without for sure, but those things usually don't carry the risk of potentially destroying your business. If you get a major cyber security breach, you're up for serious nastiness like:

  • repair costs
  • reduced staff productivity
  • lost customers
  • mandatory reporting costs (breach notification, notifying customers)
  • fines for non reporting of the above (not a good idea, they are big!)

And that's why 60% of companies that suffer a major IT security breach are out of business in less than 6 months. There are big cleanup costs in both time and money. Customers find new suppliers because you can't serve them properly, or maybe they just don't trust your company with their data anymore.

The solution is simple. Train your staff in how to identify and respond to IT security threats!


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