When Cyber Security Tech Becomes Dangerous

So this is an interesting discussion topic that popped up the other day. I was discussing cyber security awareness with an IT support provider, and we started talking about their terminal services solution involving Citrix and AppLocker. So basically they white-list what can / can't run in the session, therefore effectively preventing malicious software from executing. And that's great for the client, no doubt!

But I'll tell you who it's not great for - the next employer of any staff members who left that company. Because those staff members have been operating on the Internet with a security blanket, and they'll go to their next employer without Citrix and AppLocker, and suddenly clicking on something bad will mean something bad will actually happen.

So effectively the risk profile of that user has been greatly increased because they didn't have to identify cyber security threats, and didn't have to think about how to respond to them. And then some poor company recruits them, and how many companies do you know that are actually asking candidates whether they have done any cyber security awareness training, and perhaps asking them some basic awareness questions to confirm this knowledge? I don't know of any! You can bet they'll ask if the person has a drivers license if they are required to drive a vehicle though!

So yes, tech is our ally in the battle against cyber crime, but it should never be a security blanket.

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