Online Vs Face to Face Training

If you've had a look through this website, you'd know that I focus on face to face Cyber Security Training, and there are some really good reasons for that. Sure I restrict myself geographically, but there are plenty of businesses in Brisbane and the surrounding area, and I can do FIFO as well. So there's no shortage of work, especially in my niche!

So why face to face training only? Well firstly I have done training in other areas, and I developed my style over a number of years. I quickly learned that "fun" wins hands down everyday. That's not a massive advantage when people want to learn to do their job better, but the issue here is that most poeple don't see cyber / IT security as their responsibility - they think IT has got it covered. Even worse than that, IT is boring for most people, so you've lost them before they step through the door! They turn up for the workshop, often begrudgingly, and don't see it as relevant to them, and you can see it on their face. But I have a plan to drag them out of that mindset:

  • Step 1 is to make them realise that this is not an IT course. No jargon, no techie stuff. It will be relaxed and stress free.
  • Step 2 is get them to realise that this is now their responsibilty as much as anyone else. That's easy, I start by showing them my video!
  • Step 3 is to make them dissatisifed with the current situation, because otherwise people won't want to change. So here I relate it to home use, because most of what I teach transfers into their personal life.
  • Step 4 is to deliver content that is real and engaging. This means a lot of real life stories, sharing of attendee stories, taking questions, cracking jokes and mucking around.

Can I personally do any of this effectively with an online course?

  • Step 1 - Maybe. but most of the courses I've seen are far too technical. That means boring.
  • Step 2 - Yes, you can do this with an online course. Maybe not as effectively as me telling real life stories though.
  • Step 3 - Sure you can translate this into home use. But can you field questions about this with an online course?
  • Step 4 - Super hard to deliver content that is real and engaging. Impossible to answer questions, and let the session flow somewhat organically.

Step 4 is the big one. Consider your staff doing an online course. They have dual monitors, they log in on their lunch break and start doing an online module. Are they truly engaging with the course? Do they check their emails half way through? Do they eat while they are doing it? Do they take a phone call? Do they browse the web at the same time? Is the course boring and frankly they're not really learning that much because it's going in one ear and out the other?

These are big challenges that are really hard to overcome with online cyber security awareness training.

I'm not interested in cranking out huge numbers of training courses. I'm interested in ensuring businesses get the best possible outcomes from their awareness training. So they remember what they were told, they change their mindset, and they think about it every day because it resonated with them.

In short, I service a niche, and I care about results for my customers.

That's why I only do face to face training.



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