Objections on Price

Objections on price. Sometimes I get them, usually not. Odd considering I'm pretty damn cost effective! Some companies don't see the value in spending a grand or two to massively reduce their cyber risk profile.

 I can tell them about how I've spent thousands of hours putting my company and content together. And of course how a breach is going to cost literally tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Think costs from recovery, downtime, mandatory reporting, damage to reputation, lost customers. Yeah that's gonna burn way bigger than my invoice amount!

Is it really an objection on price? Or just an inability to see the bigger picture? Yes it sucks that we need to be doing this now (i.e. doing what we can to protect ourselves from cyber criminals), but if you object on cost, then you might as well go and stick your head in the sand, cross your fingers and pray to your God to not get breached!

Cyber initiatives are now a cost of doing business. That's the cold hard reality. If you don't want to wear that cost, then be prepared to not be doing business!

p.s. This article was written in "Brutally Honest" mode.

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