Announcements: New Refresher Training Course

Announcements: New Refresher Training Course

How do you offer a cyber security awareness refresher course, when the baseline knowledge is what you need to cover each time? That's a challenge we've been working through, and we've finally cracked it! We have a shorter quiz based workshop that challenges knowledge we teach in our baseline course. What are the advantages?

  • It covers the same critical topics, but in a different way.
  • It's slightly shorter (allow an hour).
  • It is fully interactive - staff are literally engaged at each stage of the workshop as they're looking at examples and answering questions.
  • It provides metrics to the business on staff knowledge levels (pre training of course).

What are we finding from delivering this workshop? People who have completed our baseline course do well in the refresher course, and that's exactly as we would expect. People who have not done the baseline course generally return very poor results in the refresher course, reinforcing the fact that so many people do not have sufficient baseline cyber security awareness knowledge to stay safe from cyber criminals. Don't forget though that by doing this workshop, they are learning a lot!

Cyber security awareness is not a one-off exercise. Make people aware of the scams and how to deal with them, that should change their behaviours, and keep reminding people to build a culture of awareness in your organisation.