Scammer Files: Ridiculous Conversation With A Bot

Scammer Files: Ridiculous Conversation With A Bot

In short, I saw a post selling motorbike parts which looked scammy (the crims will get you to pay for something, and send you nothing). So I made a ridiculous comment, the bot replied in an attempt to sell, and then sent me a private message, as per below:

Bot: We’re you located?
Me: What terrible bot software do you have running this account?
Bot: Am a business man
Me: Oh ok. So you can supply a left handed conflagulator?
Bot: Yes. It available
Me: What is a left handed conflagulator? We’re you located? Can I buy one?
Bot: Yes. We're you located.
Me: Kazakhstan
Bot: Ohh wow. Am about shipping some stuff to your area. Are you cool with shipping.
Me: That's fine. I need one. How do I pay? I need one urgently, the phase relay nodules on my bike are now emitting chronometric particles and opening a temporal wake. Can't ride the bike obviously LOL
Bot: Asking to get $200 including shipping
Me: That's fine
Bot: What's you delivery address
Me: u/2 Kissmyass Drive, Astana 40034, Kazakhstan
Bot: Okay. What payment method you got??
Me: Courier Pidgeon. Will fuel it up now and get it ready. What is your location for me to send it?
Bot: PayPal/. Bank transfer. Zelle. Do you have bank account?
Me: My courier Pidgeon is now offended.
Bot: Are you serious to buy or what?
Me: Obviously!
Bot: Then answer me rightly. Do you have bank account?
Me: Give me a minute, I'll ask if the Pidgeon has a bank account. Yes it does! It can do a bank transfer!
Bot: Okay. Can I send you my bank details for payment.
Me: Yes Bot: OK hold let me send it.
Me: Please hurry, the Pidgeon is looking twitchy. It's eyeing up a kebab on the footpath.
Bot: OK please wait.

I gave up at this point (and reported the account). The bot would probably just keep going.

Bots / AI / Deep Fakes will continue to evolve and improve. Eventually we won't be able to spot them, so always be suspicious, and confirm your suspicions. If you're not sure it's safe, walk away.