Scammer Files: Sneaky Stolen Credit Card Scams

Scammer Files: Sneaky Stolen Credit Card Scams

If you got this email, would your alarm bells go off, or would you think they sent it to the wrong person?

If you do create websites, then this scam is for you!

On the face of it, there seems like nothing could go wrong. But here's what will likely happen:

  1. They are using a stolen credit card.

  2. They obviously don't want a website, but they will ask for a quote.

  3. Let's say you quote $5k. They'll then say they need help from their side. e.g. to build content for the website.

  4. They'll suggest that they pay you $10k, and ask you to send the extra $5k to the content writer that they will use.

  5. That extra $5k is going to their bank account, not a content writer.

  6. You'll lose the $5k when the bank chases up the fraud

  7. The criminal would have bounced the money around multiple accounts, and will keep their share.

Always be suspicious! At any stage if things start to get weird, there's a good chance it's a scam, so take your time, do research, or ask for help!