What Can I Do to Keep My Data Safe Online?

Hacked...... private information leaked. Hacked..... private information leaked. It's a never ending headline, and it will continue to be a never ending headline, because information is worth money. It's that simple. And the more valuable your information, the more of a target it becomes.

There's a War Going On

It's a known fact that about 91% of all cyber crime is initiated by email. Essentially this is a war being fought between hackers, and your staff.

How do staff feel about going to war? Heck they don't usually know they're in it! They think that IT has got it covered with their fancy hardware and software - it's not their job to look after IT security right? But actually, it is their job now, or at least it should be. They are at the front line, and they must have the proper skills to wage a successful defense!

How to Steal a Car

Weird thing happened today - I worked out how to steal cars. Expensive ones. And you can just get someone to hand you the keys and drive away with it no questions asked. Not that I'm into that sort of thing though.

Disclaimer: Please don't steal cars.

"A blind person with a taser just shot my forklift driver!"

Scenario 1

"Hi Bob, welcome to the warehouse. How's your first day going?"
"Yeah great. So what do you want me to do?"
"Well I guess we'll start you on the forklift."
"Um, ok sure."
"So you've driven things with wheels before?"
"Yep, I'm good to go!"

Actual Cyber Breach Costs: Small Business Case Study

1. Background

This information is compiled from a company that WebSafeStaff trained for Staff Cyber Security Awareness. By working with them to analyse their monthly IT invoices, the following information and conclusions were able to be extracted.

Why Onsite Instructor Led Training?

While we can deliver webinar style training, we always find it more effective to be onsite at your premises and teach people face to face. There are a number of reasons why we've taken this approach.

What are Typical Cyber Security Breach Costs?

Cyber security breaches can come in many different shapes and forms. Essentially someone has either done damage to your systems, has stolen your information, or has locked you out of your own information. Let's have a look at those three categories in a bit more detail:

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