Cyber Security Training for Staff - Course Details

Staff cyber security awareness training should be simple, quick, fun and interactive to maximise engagement and learning retention, and this then translates into a massive improvement for your corporate cyber security risk profile. Putting your staff through hours of online modules will typically bore them, and they will often struggle to understand, retain and apply the information. Instructor led classes are always associated with higher quality outcomes as explanations are tailored to the class, and questions can be answered as they arise. Our face to face instructor led course is based on the following:

Course Contents

Please get in touch and we'll send you a full course outline.

Course Length

The course is offered in different lengths, ranging from just over an hour to two hours of presentation, discussion, stories, examples and simple rules. It can be done in one sitting, or split into multiple sessions as required.

Other Details

  • All training is conducted onsite at your premises, or can be provided remotely via Webinar sessions (e.g. Zoom / Teams)
  • A professional offsite training facility can be supplied if required
  • Training can be arranged for anywhere in the world (English speaking)
  • An experienced  and engaging IT professional / trainer conducts all courses
  • A summary handout is provided for each attendee
  • Certificates of attendance are available (provided electronically)
  • Post training documents are provided to help your company implement recommendations, and further strengthen your security posture

Ongoing Assessment

Looking for metrics around how well your staff implement their learnings? Web Safe Staff can organise for the implementation of phishing simulation tests.


Please contact us to discuss pricing, because it will depend on a number of factors such as class size, number of people to train, and how the course is split up.


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