Become a Forensic Cyber Crime Investigator

Staff take the role of a forensic cyber investigator, tasked with uncovering the truth about how a company was hacked. They will work together to solve cyber challenges, and experience the many learnings integrated into the workshop, as well as a short recap at the end to rienforce those learnings.

Is this a Cyber Escape Room?

Not quite. Yes there are challenges to solve to progress towards the goal, but there's no real time pressure, though the workshop only takes about 30 - 40 minutes. This workshop was developed to integrate a lot of key learnings into the storyline, and that's quite hard to do with an escape room, where you often focus more on puzzles than the actual cyber safety messaging.

How it Works

• Delivered live, online (webcam required) or onsite in Brisbane
• Can organise for onsite deliver in other locations in Australia
• Attendees solve challenges to complete the investigation
• If they get stuck, help is provided
• Workshop length is approximately 30 - 40 minutes
• A recap of key learnings is provided within the session (at the end)
• A summary sheet of key learnings is provided to attendees
• Topics covered include:

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If you want gamified training for your staff, and you were considering a cyber escape room, then consider that this workshop covers 22 distinct teachings to help staff become more suspicious and knowledgeable. It's short, simple, engaging, cost effective, and ensures staff learn while having fun.

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