Cyber Security Awareness Training

Web Safe Staff offers a wide variety of cyber security awareness initiatives to ensure that staff possess the required knowledge to stay safe from cyber criminals, and continue to remain suspicious and informed!

Course Options

Web Safe Staff provides 4 courses to build staff knowledge, change behaviours, and build a culture of awareness. All our courses are live, instructor-led. They are simple, with no jargon, no acronyms, plain English, and they focus on keeping people engaged and having fun.

"Fundamentals" Training

This is a comprehensive course that provides attendees with the knowledge they need to know to stay safe from cyber criminals, across a multitude of domains. It covers a large variety of topics, focuses heavily on personal impact, and provides simple rules to implement afterwards.

"Links Masterclass"

Let's face it - links are a massive problem! Cyber criminals use links because they can get people to websites to trick them or hack their device. And yet people are ill-equipped to deal with links. This course is hands-on, as we work through everything people need to know regarding whether to click on a link or not.

"Cyber IQ" Quiz

This is gamified training, where attendees work through a series of questions to showcase their cyber awareness knowledge, with 100 points on offer. This course is great as a yearly refresher, and also to assess current staff knowledge levels in detail.

Cyber Investigator Game

Staff will assume the role of a cyber investigator, and solve the challenges to work out how a large company got hacked. This is gamified training that is easy and fun, and packed full of key learnings!

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Ongoing Awareness Initiatives

We offer a number of ongoing initiatives throughout the year, to ensure that staff continue to remain informed and suspicious.
"Catch-all" Training

The 'Fundamentals' workshop is run monthly, and is open to all Web Safe Staff clients as needed. This is ideal for new staff, or staff that missed the initial training.
Weekly Reminder Videos

Short (typically 1 minute or less) videos that reiterate the key topics discussed in the "Baseline" workshop. Essentially this is to remind staff so they stay knowledgeable and suspicious.
"Lunch & Learn"

Quarterly 15 -30 minutes live online presentations on various topics of interest to further encourage suspicion and build knowledge. This will be on topics such as "minimising your digital footprint" and "how to deal with deep fakes" etc.

A selection of graphics that can be printed out and displayed in the office, to further encourage specific cyber-safe behaviours.

Other Inclusions

We also provide a large variety of useful resources, both pre and post training for the company, and for people at home regarding personal cyber safety.