Keep it Simple - Use Your Office for Training!

Are you looking for incredibly engaging, live and onsite instructor-led cyber security awareness training in Brisbane?
The Web Safe Staff office is located in Brisbane, so local companies can more easily benefit from our highly acclaimed onsite cyber security awareness training workshops. What this means is that you don't travel to us, instead we actually travel to your premises and provide our highly engaging, instructor led cyber security awareness sessions to maximise staff engagement and results.

Included in our onsite service is up to 1 hour of travel each way, so we can also service the greater Brisbane area. We can even bring our own projector and projector screen if you don't have your own equipment.

And of course we can provide remote training if this is more convenient, utilising Zoom or Teams.

Our Courses

Web Safe Staff offers two types of courses:

A "baseline" workshop for staff that have not done cyber security awareness training before. The baseline course delivers a lot of information in a short time, focuses heavily on 'buy-in', wakes people up to the scams they will face on a daily basis, and provides simple rules for dealing with those scams.

A "refresher" course, which is quiz based - hence incredibly engaging! It covers the same contents as the basline course (though in slightly less detail), and it also provides key learnings along the way.

Both courses are simple, delivered in plain English, fun, interactive, a bit scary, and incredibly engaging! Staff will actually learn, and apply their new found knowledge to massively reduce cyber security risk !

Both courses cover the same topics. Please contact us for a topic list.
Delivery Method
Either onsite for Brisbane and greater Brisbane locations, or onlne (e.g Zoom or Teams). All training is live so people can ask questions and share stories.
Course Length
Between 1 and 1.5 hours
Additional Resources
Attendees recieve a summary handout of key learnings. Companies and staff also recieve an action items list, and a number of sample documents to implement in the organisation if relevant.
You might be surprised and how cost effective we are! Pricing does vary depending on a number of factors, so please get in touch for a quote.

Onsite Training Benefits

If you're a Brisbane company, why not take advantage of our onsite training? There are some very good reasons:
Lower Downtime

There's far less downtime. People walk to the meeting room, and a bit over an hour later they walk out with new found, and incredibly valuable knowledge. Why pay for travel time for staff, when we can cover that for you?
Relaxed and Happy

People typically feel more comfortable in their own environment, and surrounded by their peers. This means they're far more likely to focus on the training rather than how they are feeling, and they will engage and learn more.

The sessions are really fun! Honestly people are relaxed, blown away by the content, sharing stories and cracking jokes. They walk about from the session not only with incredible knowledge of cyber security scams, but also feeling refreshed and happy.
Not in Brisbane? We can still provide onsite training if you require, but of course we'll have to work out travel and accomodation (if required). Most of our work is via Zoom or Teams however, and those sessions are still incredibly fun, engaging and effective!