Cyber Security Cultural Change

For larger organisations, Web Safe Staff offers a comprehensive cyber security "cultural change" service, specifically tailored to provide all the benefits of a full-time awareness resource, but at a fraction of the cost!

While our cyber awareness offerings provide amazing outcomes, some companies wish to truly become cyber security mature, and this requires a comprehensive program of cultural change.

The challenge many organisations face however is resourcing. Frankly it's difficult to find someone who can: build and maintain appropriate training content; deliver the content in a simple and engaging way; understand technical cyber security concepts to better answer questions;work with the business on marketing, governance, change and project management.

Web Safe Staff can become your in-house cyber security awareness resource. You can experience our amazing instructor-led courses, weekly content reminders, and we can work with your departments to ensure a well-planned, run and measured program of cultural change.

Our process is based around 7 core steps, all of which can be customised as required:

The 7 Steps of Cultural Change

1. Assess

assessUnderstand threats, main concerns, specialist knowledge requirements. Review awareness policies and procedures. Assess current knowledge levels.

2. Prepare

prepareInform staff of what is coming, and get them excited for it. Ensure management are on board to lead from the top, and will be nurturing and encouraging towards staff.

3. Brand

brandPick a slogan to reflect the intent of the program, and collaborate with HR / marketing to develop imagery for consistency of look and feel for distributed materials.

4. Build

ambassadorsEstablish an 'Ambassador' program. This builds a team of 'go to' staff who are can be the first point of call for questions and concerns.

5. Train

trainFun, engaging, instructor-led training for maximum results. Ensure everyone has a baseline of awareness knowledge to keep them safe, and provide specialist training as required.

6. Remind & Inform

remindRefresher training, weekly reminder videos, urgent staff communications as required, and other suitable initiatives to keep staff suspicious and knowledgeable. This builds a 'security first' mindset.

7. Improve

improveIntegrate with governance mechanisms to discuss feedback, performance, metrics, risks, and any changes required for continuous improvement.