Cyber Security Cultural Change Program (Brisbane & Surrounds)

Cyber security awareness training is an incredibly important initiative, but it's typically conducted only once per year. For the rest of the year there is often no push to keep the cyber security topic alive and up up to date, so for this reason it's incredibly important to embed cyber security awareness into an organisations culture to become a normal part of beliefs, attitudes and knowledge.

When this is done well, relevant information is shared in a timely fashion, staff remain knowledgable and aware, and cyber security risk is massively reduced!

Web Safe Staff can direct the implementation of your Cyber Security Culture (CSC) programme, utilising industry standard good practice frameworks tailored to your individual needs. The outcome is an organisation that is incredibly resistant to cyber attacks.

CSC Framework

Cultural change can be difficult, because in order to accept change people generally have to be dissatisfied with their current situation. The problem is that many people simply aren't aware of the threatscape they face every day on the Internet, and they genearlly think IT looks after cyber security. Resultingly, they often aren't dissatisfied!

They don't realise that a single wrong click carries the potential to create massive disruption to their business, even potentially threatening  its existence. That's why cyber security awareness training is such a great starting initiative - it helps them understand the threats their business is facing, and this can also be translated into their home use.

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