Dark Market Forum Monitoring

Web Safe Staff has partnered with a Dark Market Forum Monitoring Service to help companies find their information on the Dark Web and further reduce their cyber risk exposure.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a hidden part of the Internet which requires special software and configurations to access. It's not a big part of the Internet, but this is where most of the illegal activity takes place on the web. If you're thinking of trying to access the Dark Web, don't. It's not for the faint hearted, and just entering it makes you a target for the cyber criminals.


crins fix   Fix Breaches Early - Get notified as soon as we find your information on the dark web so you can fix the breach before it gets worse.
crins minimise data loss   Minimise Data Loss - With early notification, it's much less likely that a breach will be at the stage of removing data from your network.
crins minimise recovery costs   Minimise Recovery Costs - Breaches take on average over 6 months to discover. In that time signifiant damage can be done, but with early detection that can be avoided.
crins downtime   Avoid Costly Downtime - While it's costly to fix a long term breach on your network, it's significantly more costly in regards to staff downtime while it is being fixed.
crins reporting   Avoid Mandatory Reporting - Legally many companies must report a breach, but this can possibly be avoided if your data is discovered early and dealt with immediately.
crins reputation damage   Avoid Reputation Damage - A mandtory breach notification requires notifying your customers that you have lost their confidential data.
crins lost customers   Prevent Lost Customers - With downtime and the loss of reputation, customers will go elsewhere.

Why is it so Important to Find Your Info on the Dark Web?

When your information gets breached, it typically turns up on the dark web for sale in one of the dark market forums (i.e. the websites where they actually sell things). Essentially the seed has now been planted, and different buyers will conduct further research on your company to onsell the information at a higher cost. This can build out a tree of information on your company; the staff; you; your friends; and other companies, and eventually there will be sufficient information such that a buyer will decide to act upon it:

  • There could be a compromised email account, so they will attempt to trick your contacts into paying a false invoice.
  • They might attempt to breach the network and encypt all your files and ask for a ransom
  • They may spend many months attempting to move deeper into your network and other systems (it takes on average over 6 months before a breach is detected, and by then the cost to resolve can be horrific)
  • Blackmail attempts may be launched on company staff after breaching their home systems to see what websites they have visited
  • Identify theft can take place, making someones life very difficult to recover

The core intent is to make money from this information, and the more information there is the more damage can be done. It may take months or even years for cyber criminals to act, but once the information is on the dark web the clock has started ticking!

So finding your information as early as possible and removing if from the dark web prevents the seed from ever growing into a tree of information, and can avoid a costly risk from eventuating.

Who is this Service Useful for?

Dark Market Forum Monitoring is useful for both companies and individuals because everyone is now a cyber criminal target. Companies that take cyber security seriously and want to minimise the chance of a breach will use this service to find and nullify threats as soon as possible. This is especially important for larger cyber criminal targets such as informaiton gatekeepers (Accountants, Lawyers, Managed Service Providers, Cyber Security companies etc).

Can it find all Threats?

Unfortunately not. Information on the dark web can be transient as it is bought and sold, and new websites are created that take time to discover. But the service has an excellent chance of finding your information, and provides a massive boost to your cyber security efforts.

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