Our Services

This is the full range of offerings provided by Web Safe Staff.

Awareness Training

Amazing live, instructor led training, gamified training, short sharp reminders, and ongoing support.

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Cultural Change

Once staff are aware, keep building that voice in their head that says 'this could be a scam'. Bite sized engaging reminders, measure and improve.

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Specialised Staff Training

We can dig deep into specialist topics that are relevant to you, and deliver custom courses however you want them delivered.

Executive Training

Giving executives understanding of the risks staff will face, and how they need to support staff through the journey. It's always top down!

Phishing Campaigns

Measure how well staff spot email scams, but remember, you have an unfair advantage (inside knowledge and access to everyone), so use your power carefully!

Service Referrals

We're pretty fussy about who we work with, so if you need other cyber security services, feel free to get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

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Do you want to partner with Web Safe Staff to keep your clients safer? No problem, we're flexible in how we work with partners.

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Client Referrals

If you refer us a client, we give you some money. Simple. Let's be honest, it saves us time, and time is money. And no, we don't charge the client extra.

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