Awareness Training

Awareness Training

Live, instructor-led cyber security awareness training, Our 'Fundamentals' course provides a wealth of knowledge in a short time frame, and our "Links Masterclass" helps people truly understand how to deal with all aspects of link safety.

Gamified Training

Gamified Training

For something a bit different, try our "Cyber Investigator Game" where staff rolepay and solve cyber security problems in a limited timeframe, and our "Cyber IQ" quiz, which is also an amazing tool for measuring current knowledge levels.


Once people have baseline awareness knowledge, it's critical to keep reminding them to further build suspicion, and reinforce learnings. We provide short (1 minute) weekly videos, lunch and learn sessions, and posters.


To help you in your journey we provide a number of resources such as a quick reference guides for staff, sample policies and procedures, checklists for the company and staff at home, and email support for any questions you may have.
Live, instructor-led training! (onsite or online)

Cyber Security Awareness Training
Brisbane Based, Servicing Australia

• An ongoing program to enhance awareness, behaviour and culture
• Focussing on personal impact, for maximum buy-in
• Based upon live, instructor-led awareness training
Four courses, including a cyber investigator game
• Measurable results via pre and post training questionaires
• Onsite training (we come to you) for Brisbane companies
• Can organise travel for other locations in Australia
• Operating since 2016
• Highly acclaimed trainer and content, relevant for all industries
• Simple, fun, incredibly engaging, with proven results
• Reputable (working with Enterprise and Government)
• Flexible service
• Preferred partner for many IT support / cyber securitry companies

Why Use Web Safe Staff?

Yes, there are some really good reasons!
Cost Effective

Our cyber awareness program is structured to be delivered at scale, so the pricing might surprise you! And the return on investment is far beyond what standard awareness content can achieve.
Live Training

Live cyber security awareness training achieves better results! Stories and content are always current, staff can ask questions at any time, and they can share experiences and knowledge.
Ramp Up Knowledge Fast

Don't wait around for staff to work through multiple modules of content over months. They learn the baseline knowledge in a single session, and wow does it open their eyes to the scams they will face!
Incredibly Engaging

Starting off with 'why should you care', and then a variety of great Australian content delivered with a fun and engaging style. But simple too - no jargon, no acronyms, just plain English.
Ongoing Content and Support

Weekly reminder videos, posters, policies and procedures, checklists, email support, cheat sheets, lunch and learn sessions. Turn your company into a cyber security fortress!
Reputation and Results

Web Safe Staff provides cyber security awareness training to SMEs, Enterprise and Government in Australia and overseas. Our clients rave about the results we provide them!
Proven Results

Massively Reduce Cyber Security Risk

Equip your staff with the information they need to protect your Australian business, as well as their home environment. Massively boost their suspicion, and their ability to identify and deal with cyber scams with cyber security awareness training that actually works!
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